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Breaking Free from Pornography & Sex Addiction

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If you would prefer to order by post, please send your UK cheque to 'Philip Chave' at this address. Remember to include your return address and send any enquiries to the email above.
Thank you.

I've just realized I live near you, can I make an appointment to work with you personally?
Yes, I am available for private consultation. Please use the contact details above, and email me in the first instance. I can then supply you a number to call. I look forward to meeting you. Phil.
Alternatively, you can visit this website for making appointments, or this article for more information.

Can you help me in other ways?
I live too far away to travel, but would still like to talk to you about my particular problem. Do you have another way to reach out to help people like me? - Yes I do! We can use Skype video to talk over the internet. There is an article about it here, and on my Skype Video Therapy website, you will find details of how we can make this happen, from late night Skype, setting up Skype, and ways to pay for your sessions.

The Ten Keys to Successfully Beating Pornography Addiction

1.) Ignorance is NOT bliss: The biggest barrier to success is not accepting that there is a problem.

2.) Measure up: Measure the impact pornography has on your relationships. If nobody knows YET, look around you, take stock, and measure up what you are going to lose when this comes out.

3.) Understand it's just a matter of time: You are going to be found out! A slip of the tongue, partner suspicion, carelessness, becoming isolated, secretive and uncaring, miss clearing your computer one time, and it could be all over! Is what you stand to lose worth the risk of trying to keep this a secret, when you know deep down you are doomed to failure?

4.) Be specific: Take the initiative and use the facets and nuggets of knowledge on the CD's to start your own recovery program. Benefit from the targetted specific questions and answers.

5.) Take action: Nothing works if you fail to take action! Make the decision to start, right now, and go for it. The CD's give you multiple ideas and ways to take strong, specific action.

6.) Be a modeller: The best way to succeed is to model other people who have done the same thing. These CD's will give you a step by step plan of action to model, to ensure your success. It's guaranteed! Just keep going until you succeed.

7.) No secrets: Your CD's, your determination, our honesty, your loyalty, your partner and family, will all ultimately be your champions. You can share your successes and wins, and analyze any slip ups in truth and openness.

8.) Problems will arise. But you can triumph over them!: Forwarned is forearmed. Potential problems, real problems and rejections will arise from time to time. By being prepared for them, their impact is reduced or negated and you will remain clear in your focus and determination. Occasionally, odd setbacks are inevitable, so PLAN for them, turn them around, manage them, conquer them, and gain strength through your success.

9.) Decide NOW! Imagine you have a bowl of fruit in front of you, and you know, if you eat it now it will have health benefits for you. But you leave it and leave it, day after day, thinking I'll have it tomorrow. By the time you get around to eating it, it's gone bad and is no good for you at all. Decide NOW to listen to your CD's and enjoy the benefits of starting on your recovery TODAY. Don't wait and wait until your life goes to mush and is rotting away.

10.) Don't delay. Take action NOW! Wherever you are in your addictive cycle, it's never too late to start taking action. Invest in yourself, your mind, your spirit, your body. Give yourself the competitive edge to create successful, high value, relationships in the future, or to successfully repair the one you are in right now.

11.) Transform your life: That's the greatest promise of the previous 10 success strategies. To make changes in your body and mind that will have life changing consequences for your future and wellbeing. Anything that rewarding is worth doing now! Isn't it?

By using the question and answer format on the CD's, I have done everything possible to make the information you need a) easy to consume, b) rapid to consume, c) easy to listen too, d) to give you the support you need by repeated listening, e) to help you transform your life in the shortest time.

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In Conversation With Philip Chave: Understanding, Coping With & Eliminating Internet Pornography Addiction & Sex Addiction

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